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Hen isn't a little chick anymore. She's spread her wings and can get a job done all by herself! No need to bother offering Hen a helping hand. She's got it covered! But then comes Fox...should her friends step in to offer assistance that Hen hasn't asked for? A wonderful twist on the classic folktales The Little Red Henn and Henny Penny. 


Activity guide available for download: http://peachtreebooks.com/Activity_Event/AllByMyselfActivitySheets.pdf

Sylvia Finds A Way

The story of how one small creature can have a powerful effect using restraint, kindness and respect. Sylvia is not fast like her friends Deer, Rabbit and Crow. Their attempts to steal from a vegetable garden have failed as they escape an angry gardener. But Sylvia has her own way. Beautifully illustrated by Fiona Lee, West Margin Press presents a book that is sure to be a favorite of children, yoga practitioners, calligraphers…and even gardeners.


A book guide for Sylvia Finds A Way is available for downloading at: 




Tails From The Animal Shelter


Ten fictional animals (including puppies, senior dogs, cats, a bird, pot bellied pig and more) introduce themselves in catchy rhyme! The books is beautifully illustrated by Liza Woodruff. It includes the history of animal protection as well as many ways children and families can be involved in supporting animal shelters and rescue organizations. Sold in traditional bookstores or as a great fundraiser through non-profit animal organizations!


EUREKA Excellence in Nonfiction Award, 2020

Piece by Piece

“Once upon a time a weaver tucked a memory into her collection basket.”

Drawing inspiration from the natural world around her, a weaver woman with a magical touch crafts exquisite fabrics. And from the fabric she fashions a wondrous dress, with a bodice that sparkles of starlight and lace like the foam of an ocean wave. The weaver envisions the food and clothing she will be able to buy for her children from the sale of the dress. But when she takes the dress to a local shopkeeper, the weaver is told her work is not saleable. And so she starts over again. [Sleeping Bear Press, July 2017]


Schnitzel: A Cautionary Tale for Lazy Louts

Schnitzel is an apprentice to a wizard. Reluctant to do his household chores, he accepts help from a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman. But, this is no ordinary dust buster. And, did I mention the salesman is a vampire? What could go wrong?


Indiana Young Hoosier Award, 2018-2019


The Legend Of The Beaver's Tail

This book is perfect for the classroom and school library as it combines a 'just so' type story with biological facts. It fits well in both legend and animal science studies. Sleeping Bear Press, April 2015.


Keystone To Reading Elementary Book Award, 2016-2017


A Cookie for Santa

In this clever twist on 'The Night Before Christmas', a Gingerbread Boy is carefully decorated and placed on a plate for Santa and wonders if he is brave enough to face his holiday duty. Sleeping Bear Press, 2014


Creative Child Preferred Choice Award, 2014

Listotic Best Christmas Books for Kids, 2020

Moo la la! Cow Goes Shopping

Silly Cow demands many things, and Pete (the very patient farmer) indulges her every whim. Does she really want shoes because Horse has shoes? And what about that wool coat of Sheep's? Now she's heard the turkey gets some sort of dressing! Cow will learn the hard way that maybe she shouldn't whine for things she knows nothing about. Simon & Schuster UK, 2016


Bedtime In The Meadow

A gentle bedtime lullaby. 'Hush, baby, hush. Now close your sweet eyes.//Stars are all blinkong in sleepy, dark skies.'  Join the littlest animals in the mead as they settle down into sweet slumber.

By The Light Of The Moon

It's bedtime in the forest and Fawn wants to stay up."Does Fox stay up late? Are squirrels still playing up high in the trees? But, as night falls, Fawn finds that his friends are already fast asleep.


Available in English and Portugese

Under the Sleepy Stars

On a star-sprinkled night, Owlet watches the animals settle down. "Who tucks Fawn in? Who cuddles Cub?" asks wide-awake Owlet. But as night turns to dawn, it's Owlet who needs a goodnight hug. Tiger Tales US/Little Tiger UK, 2015


Available in English, Dutch and Portuguese

Lullaby Farm

It's bedtime on the farm. Sleepy chicks nestle close to mother hen and piglets snore in their pen, but will mama sheepdog ever get her wriggly puppies to bed? Spot the pup in each picture beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Harry.