Mini Book NOW YOU SEE ME NOW YOU DON'T, Whale Times, Inc. March, 2017

Mini Book BEA & LOP, High Five, March 2017

ON TREAT STREET, High Five, October 2016

Mini Book, ABIGAIL, High Five, July 2015

Mini Book, WHOO & COO, High Five, April 2015

HELPFUL SCARECROW, High Five, October 2014

THE SUMMER BOX, High Five, June 2014*

Mini Book, SLICK AND SLEEK, April 2014*

OVER IN THE MANSION, Highlights, October 2013*

* Pewter Plate Awards

THE FARMER AND THE RAT, Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids, Vol. 6

I love working with these fabulous magazine publishers!

Mini book: Bea and Lop!

Rockin' waiting rooms everywhere with these Highlights/High Fives!

Letters passed between a farmer and a rodent appear in THE FARMER AND THE RAT, Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids Volume 6

Selected Works

Harkening back to the magic and lessons learned from classic fairy tales, this imaginative tale reminds readers of all ages of the importance of pursuing one’s dreams and following one’s heart.
A rollicking rhyming retell of The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
A Native American legend is combined with facts about the beaver as a keystone species.
A fun-filled Christmas story
Cow is a bit of an 'Amelia Bedelia' as she misunderstands and demands things the other animals have.
Woodland animal families go to sleep in this lyrical story beautifully illustrated by Laura Watkins.
It's bedtime in the forest, and Fawn wants to stay up. But as night falls, Fawn finds that his friends are already fast asleep.
An owlet asks his mama a lot of questions when it is time for bed.